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Delaine Takunda Mukopfa active Foundation is established for the advancement of education, sport, modelling, music and religious activities to deserving children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Foundation is the brainchild of Mr and Mrs Mukopfa who in their loss of their beloved son, decided to accept what The Lord had decided by continuing Delaine’s memory by dedicating the things he loved the most and at which he had already shown such success in his young life.

Delaine loved God: he was a regular Mass server, could sing Church hymns and regularly prayed the Holy Rosary with his family;
Delaine loved and was an excellent footballer and sportsperson;
Delaine was a gifted child in the classroom;
Delaine was a young model who had already obtained a modelling Diploma from a modelling school in Leicester;
Delaine was a much loved social being, amongst his friends, peers, neighbours and anyone who came to know him

These are the things that will form the core of the objectives of the Delaine Mukopfa Foundation and which the Foundation will seek to promote and support among deserving young people, primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds. In memory of Delaine.

A small group of volunteers led by Fr Martin Hardy, Parish Priest at St Patricks Catholic Church in Beaumont Leys has been invited by the family to become the inaugural Board of Trustees and these Trustees are currently involved in the registration of the Foundation as well other legal and administrative formalities.

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